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Why Your "One Vote" Actually Matters

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

“My one vote doesn’t really change anything…”

“The system is too big, too corrupt... I can’t really make a difference...”

Have you had any of these (frankly, depressing) thoughts about voting?

They’re pretty common -- they’ve even occurred to us here at Jubilee Productions -- and our whole mission is about encouraging people to use their right to vote!

(JFK quote is First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy's recollection.)

"However, we have learned that apathy and despair are the tools of the oppressor."

Here's the thing- When people believe that their single vote doesn’t count, and therefore they don’t vote -- this makes them much, much easier to control. Convincing someone that their voting action doesn’t matter is an extremely effective way to get people to give away their power… without thinking twice.

But this begs the question -- why even bother to convince people to give their power away, if the system is corrupt and "rigged" anyway, right?

Because the truth is: every single vote is a clear, powerful signal -- even if your side loses! Politicians look at margins of wins and loses, and this dictates how they create policy.

Your vote for a candidate based on their stance on a particular issue -- even if they don’t win -- may encourage like minded folks to run, and win.

As you likely know, this national election is particularly potent. It marks a country on the brink of an identity crisis. We're asking questions like: Who are we as a country? What is our place in the world? How do we relate to and care for our fellow citizens as human beings?

Now, more than perhaps any other time in recent history, your vote is your chance to vent your frustration against division -- and/or encourage hope in unity!!

Currently, we’re in the middle of many restrictions due to COVID-19. Here’s a quick video on How the Pandemic Will Affect This Year’s Election.

Opting to MAIL IN your ballot, you’ll safely make sure your vote is counted.

But how in the heck do you do that mail-in thing??

Well and Vote are two GREAT resources where you can easily Register, Check Voter Registration Status, and Find Out What’s On Your Ballot…

...and if you’d like to vote by mail (and don’t live in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado or Hawaii), through these sites above, you can request an ABSENTEE BALLOT.

"When the people are united, we are undeniably powerful!"



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