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The Divisible launches #ShowUsYourVote -- Social Media Event!

Our team at Jubilee Productions is SO PSYCHED that mail-in (absentee) ballots have finally started arriving in mailboxes all around the country...


--- *record scratch* ---

First thing’s first:

If you haven’t registered yet (or have recently moved), hurry on over to -- you’ve only got a few days left to register and request a mail-in ballot in many states! (In several states, when you register, you can opt to track your vote as well.)

Ha! That’s no longer me, you say with confidence, I am SO ready! ...As you wave your shiny Official Election Mail-In Ballot around...

And to YOU we say:

AIGHT THEN, SEXY VOTER -- show us whatchu got!

Here’s the deal:

  1. Do your research on who you’re voting for (many local level elected positions and propositions hold great power over your daily life!)

  2. Fill in your ballot choices (with blue or black ink) and VOTE.

  3. Seal it up -- make sure to sign the envelope!

  4. Drop it in the mail, or an official ballot drop-box.

  5. Plop that “I VOTED” sticker on your chest, and SNAP A SELFIE...

  6. TAG us @TheDivisible! We will feature YOU showing off your “I VOTED” sticker in our #ShowUsYourVote Social Media Event!

It’s a chance to show off your civic pride... AND get some extra love on the ‘Gram.

And we all love that!

So take care of your nation AND your followers, all in our @TheDivisible #ShowUsYourVote event -- and we’ll do our part to create more unity in the world, one selfie at a time!

-get your butt in gear,


and then

-show us your stuff!



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