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THE DIVISIBLE Beams with 17 Awards on Festival Circuit!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

So, what have you been up to this pandemic?

...Wow! That’s so exciting! What a cute baby!

And during lockdown?! Total bada$$!

Oh, what are we up to? Well… yeah, over the past year, the team at THE DIVISIBLE has been pushing REALLY hard, too. Actually, hey, not to steal your thunder ...but can we floss for just a sec??

Our 24-minute “shorty” has garnered numerous (and I do mean NUMEROUS) awards and several nominations, from Best Ensemble to Best Film in both the domestic and international festival circuit.

Audiences agree that this film is “timely” and “eerily relevant” -- an absolute “must-see”...

... like, for real tho.

Have you even seen this thing!?

| “It is so real, and makes such an impactful point. Thank you for your work, and highlighting the change we desperately need!”

Prove it, you said? Okay, you asked for it…

Here is a running list of festival awards (most recent listed first):

Best Ensemble and Best Cinematography - 2020 (Awesome Film Festival, USA), Best Cinematography - May/Jun 2020 (White Deer Int’l Film Festival, UK), Best Acting Duo - 2020 (End of Days Film Festival, USA), Best Drama Short - Jan 2020 (Florence Film Awards, ITALY), Best Actress - Dec 2019 (Salthouse Creative Int’l Film Festival, AUS), Best First-Time Director - Dec 2019 (Los Angeles Cinematography Awards, USA), Best Debut Filmmaker - Dec 2019 (Crown Wood Int’l Film Festival, INDIA), Best Song - Nov 2019 (New York Film Awards, USA), Best Main Theme - Nov 2019 (Oniros Film Awards, ITALY), Best Song - Nov 2019 (Los Angeles Film Awards, USA), Best Song - Nov 2019 (Tops Shorts Film Festival, GLOBAL), Outstanding Musical Achievement - Nov 2019 (Global Music Awards, USA), Best Score - Oct 2019 (Global Film Festival Awards, USA), Best Score - Oct 2019 (Festigious Int’l Film Festival, USA), Best Score - Oct 2019, (American Tracks Music Awards, USA), Best Film - Oct 2019 (Moving Parts Film Festival, USA)

And there you have it -- 17 of them... and counting! A slice of humble pie served a la mode. Oh, is that not how that expression works?

No, but seriously… we’re overjoyed and incredibly grateful to have had the support of so many in bringing this “newborn” into the world.

Now, who’s got the next 17 years?

Alright, we’ll raise this bambino if you agree to watch our pride and joy, today!

EDITOR'S NOTE (10/19/2020): We have earned another award!

Best Fiction Short Film - 2020

(Aphrodite Film Awards, USA)


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