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Multi-Award Winning Original Soundtrack

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

THE DIVISIBLE soundtrack has picked up 8 awards, thus far, around the world for everything from “Best Original Score” to “Outstanding Musical Achievement”. Composed by up and coming, prodigious talent from the UK, Jon Altham -- founder of SoundWave Studios -- this 15-song digital album is nothing short of an audio experience. The overall arc of this score takes its listener on the same emotional journey as the film’s main characters.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall”, the main theme, combines sounds from traditional Americana with those of the truly indigenous peoples of this land. It serves as a reminder that we are inevitably stronger together, embracing our differences, than we are at odds with one another.

"Division is the enemy of progress."

So, if you are a music lover, we believe you’ll enjoy this original soundtrack through streaming, download or purchase on all major music platforms:

-- or download it directly through SoundWave Studios TODAY!



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