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The Founding of Jubilee Productions

“We’re empowering people to see humanity in one another, the strength of unity, and the beauty of a global future”. - Marcus T. Thomas and Nicole Starrett

One afternoon in 2018 while connecting over a trailblazing film (Black Panther) and having lunch, Marcus Thomas and Nicole Starrett (Nikki) embarked on an adventure. They’d met as two former co-stars in a comedic 30-something web series. This particular meal and conversation led to the creation of a foreboding socially conscious short film, aimed at increasing voter turnout to combat the dangers of hateful rhetoric and divisive action.

In order to financially produce the film (“THE DIVISIBLE”) Marcus and Nikki formed a production company in the fall of 2018, Jubilee Productions. Their company name is deeply rooted in personal and national heritage; a jubilee is a special anniversary or season of celebration, like that in honor of emancipation.

Today, Jubilee Productions is a flagship company for socially conscious projects, spanning multiple mediums -- from live action to animation.



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